What Causes a Toothache?

toothacheA toothache often feels like a sharp pain or a dull throbbing ache. The tooth involved may be sensitive to pressure, heat, cold, or sweets but in cases of severe pain, identifying the problem tooth is often difficult. Toothaches may result from any of a number of causes.

Patients who are experiencing any of the following possible toothache symptoms should consult with a dentist:
Significant, persistent pain in the tooth that is often sharp or throbbing – this is the main indicator of a toothache.
Noticeable puss at the site of the discomfort – this may indicate the presence of an abscess, which not only causes pain but can increase the patient’s risk of developing a systemic infection.
Swelling around the problematic tooth – this also may suggest the presence of some sort of infection.
Fever – This is yet another sign of infection.

We can determine the cause and perform the necessary intervention to give you relief from symptoms. The following issues can cause toothaches:
Cavity – a toothache may be an early indicator that tooth decay is present. If so, you may get some relief if the decay is removed and the cavity is filled.
Abscess – These are infections that reach the roots or pulp of the teeth and are associated with severe discomfort. Depending on the degree of infection, a patient with an abscess may need to undergo a root canal procedure or may need to have the tooth extracted.
Damaged teeth – a tooth that has been cracked due to some sort of injury or trauma has the potential to cause pain.
Gum disease – This condition can cause inflammation of the gum and bone tissues causing toothaches.
Bruxism – Patients who unknowingly grind their teeth can develop toothaches as a result.

Toothaches are generally an indicator that some oral health problem has developed and dental treatment is likely necessary. If you develop tooth pain, do not postpone scheduling an appointment to be evaluated. Contact us at 203-699-9705.