TMJ Treatment for Pain: What to Know?

TMJ Treatment for Pain: What to Know?

Oct 01, 2020

Face and jaw pain can be nerve-racking. It is even worse when you do not know what’s is the main reason behind it. Facial pain is often associated related with the temporomandibular joint. It’s the joint that connects the upper and lower jawbones.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction is known as TMJ or TMJ Syndrome. It is a common jaw dysfunction that causes mild to severe pain. A poorly aligned jaw can cause tons of physical and cosmetic changes to your teeth, posture, and face.

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Causes and Risk Factors

Although it is simple to detect signs of the temporomandibular joint, it’s tougher to determine what is causing your pain.

  • Disc erosion in the jaw
  • Arthritis damage in joint cartilage
  • Bad posture
  • A jaw injury
  • Chronic teeth grinding
  • Stress that causes you to tighten the jaw and facial muscles
  • Excessive chewing gum use
  • Orthodontic braces
  • Connective tissue diseases that affect temporomandibular joint

How Do Experts Diagnose TMJ Syndrome?

A doctor will diagnose TMD by taking into account your medical history and by carrying out a physical exam. It will help him or her to find the exact cause of the symptoms.

The expert may also refer you to an oral and maxillofacial specialist, throat doctor, an otolaryngologist, or ENT specialist, or a dental professional specialized in jaw disorders.

The doctor will check the jaw joints for softness and pain. They will also:

  • Listen for the clicking sounds when you move the jaw
  • Check facial muscles and jaws movement

Sometimes, the expert doctor may take an MRI of your temporomandibular joint to determine the extent of damage to the jaw joint. It also gives the doctor a complete picture of what is happening in your face. Perform TMJ Treatment Near Me Google search to find the best TMJ treatment options close to your area.

Treatment for TMJ Pain

Broken teeth, cavities, or missing teeth, and gum inflammation can make TMJ pain worse. But with proper dental care, you can prevent it. If the symptoms stay, your doctor may advise you numerous treatment options such as:

1. Dental Splint

A dental splint is a soft dental appliance placed in the mouth over the teeth. It is typically prescribed and fitted by a skilled jaw specialist. It keeps the teeth in proper alignment and prevents bruxism (teeth grinding).

2. Botox

Cheshire dentist near me also uses botox for relaxing jaw muscles. These injections also keep headaches associated with teeth grinding at bay. BOTOX® can even lower the locked jaw. But it is not an FDA-approved TMD treatment.

3. Physical Therapy

TMJ pain usually goes away on its own. But if it is not improving, your doctor may recommend TMJ physical therapy. It can enhance flexibility, strengthen muscles, and improve range of motion. Physical therapy for TMJ disorders typically involves a wide range of treatments. It includes:

  • Stretching and relaxing exercises
  • Heat/cold therapy
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  • Massage

4. Biobehavioral Management

To reduce the intensity of pain, an expert dentist in Cheshire CT also recommend biobehavioral management. It includes:

  • Biofeedback
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy

5. Dental Surgery

In severe cases, the expert will also do jaw surgery. It includes:

a) TMJ Arthroscopy or Arthrocentesis

TMJ Arthroscopy allows the surgeon to see the inside of the temporomandibular joint using the camera added using a tiny cut on the skin. It helps him or her diagnose damage to the joint surface and torn cartilage. The recovery will usually take one week.

b) Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is an open joint surgery performed for those that have severe joint damage and unmanageable TMJ pain. It usually requires a stay in the hospital for a few days. The recovery time is typically four to six weeks.

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