Solea Dental Laser in Cheshire, CT

Here at the dental practice of Dr. Renee Kurtz DMD, we are always looking for ways to make our patients more comfortable when receiving dental care. It’s for this reason that we have brought on board the Solea® Dental Laser, a top-notch innovation that makes life easier for the dentist and patients alike.

While laser dentistry has been in existence since the 1990s, it’s not until 2013 that the Solea Dental Laser, a cutting-edge all-tissue laser, was unveiled by Convergent Dental. The Solea Dental Laser near you promises anxiety-free, noise-free, and anesthesia-free dental experiences—just what we want for our patients.

If you’ve always struggled with dental appointments because you are terrified of the sights and sounds, you don’t need to feel scared anymore. Thanks to the Solea Dental Laser, you can enjoy a quick and calming dental procedure that will change your perspective on dental care and make you look forward to seeing our dentist in Cheshire, CT.

How Does Solea Dental Laser Work?

Dental lasers allow dentists to perform dental procedures by ablating or vaporizing tissue. This ablation process is achieved since lasers are highly focused light beams that carry a lot of energy in a single beam. As such, a dentist can forego frictional cutting using a dental drill and choose the less terrifying and virtually painless laser route.

The Solea Dental Laser builds upon the technology of previous lasers, and uses CO2 laser technology, among other modifications and elements, to vaporize tooth enamel instead of chipping off blocks of tooth material.

The Solea Dental Laser can be used for the removal of cavities, gingival contouring, treatment of periodontal disease, and tooth preparation for crowns and veneers, to name a few.

Benefits of Solea Dental Laser

The accuracy and precision of the Solea Dental Laser enable our dentist in Cheshire, CT, to perform successful dental procedures within a shorter time. Do you want to get treated for your cavities while on your lunch break so you can resume work afterward? The Solea Dental Laser makes this possible.

Are you scared of dental drills, needles, and the thought of receiving anesthesia? You can skip all three when you visit the dental practice of Dr. Renee Kurtz DMD. With the Solea Dental Laser, you can look forward to an anxiety-free experience since the usual sounds and sights of dental appointments will be absent.

If you come from Southington, Hamden, Prospect, North Haven, Wallingford, Meriden, or Waterbury and you’d like to get dental veneers in Cheshire, CT, or experience the magic of the Solea Dental Laser visit our dentist near you.

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