Oral Cancer Screenings in Cheshire, CT

Oral cancer screenings are an integral component of preventive dentistry. Regular oral cancer screenings in Cheshire, CT help you safeguard not just your oral health but also your overall well-being. It would help if you got checked for oral cancer during your bi-annual dental exam appointments. However, patients at a higher risk for cancer can increase this frequency for their peace of mind.

The goal of oral cancer screenings is to identify pre-cancerous signs when there’s still plenty of time for successful intervention. When caught in good time, oral cancer can be treated through radiation therapy, chemotherapy or surgery, or a combination of these.

Causes and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

As with other types of cancer, oral cancer occurs when abnormal mutations occur in cells. Some people are genetically predisposed to oral cancer, while certain habits such as smoking can also increase your risk.

Our dentist in Cheshire, CT, will lookout for some of the symptoms of cancer during your oral cancer screening:

  • Chronic mouth sores
  • Pain in your tongue, jaws and other areas of your mouth
  • Lumps
  • Unexplained bleeding
  • Difficulty when chewing or swallowing
  • Bad breath

Having these symptoms doesn’t automatically mean that you have oral cancer. However, it’s a strong indication of the same, and a dentist will be keen to ascertain whether you’re showing enough signs to require a biopsy.

A biopsy is a test conducted on tissue that has been taken from a part of your body to check for the presence of a disease such as cancer.

What Happens During Oral Cancer Screening?

During your appointment at Dr. Renee Kurtz DMD, our dentist will look out for the symptoms listed in the previous section. The dentist relies on visual observation and a physical examination to check for these symptoms. In some cases, our dentist may use a special dye to highlight cancerous cells, if any.

Oral cancer screenings are painless and non-invasive events. You don’t need anesthesia or any special preparation to undergo oral cancer screenings near you.

In the case of worrisome signs, our dentist in Cheshire, CT, will order or conduct a biopsy to be sure. Keep in mind that oral cancer screenings aren’t diagnostic, and only a biopsy can accurately diagnose you.

Do you wish to have control of your oral health? Are you from Waterbury, Hamden, Southington, North Haven, Wallingford, or Meriden and you suspect you are at a high risk for cancer and want to be sure that everything is okay? Our dentist near you will undertake comprehensive oral cancer screenings that you need to feel empowered about your oral health. Get in touch with Dr. Renee Kurtz DMD today if you’re keen to start your oral cancer screenings. We also provide professional exams and cleanings in Cheshire, CT.

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