Dental Fillings in Cheshire, CT

At Renee Kurtz DMD in Cheshire, CT, dental fillings are used almost every day. Dr. Kurtz sees patients with cavities regularly. They’re a common dental problem. Dental cavities occur over time. Sometimes they’re caught on regular visits, and sometimes patients come in with tooth pain that turns out to be due to a cavity.

Rest assured that you’ll be taken care of at Renee Kurtz DMD. Dr. Kurtz has been providing patients with fillings for a long time. Laser dentistry can be used in the application of fillings, and mostly without anesthesia. You will be completely comfortable during the procedure.

Types of Fillings

Ceramic, porcelain, and composite resin fillings can be used. These three options are white, and their shade can be adjusted, so it matches the rest of the patient’s teeth. Composite resin is the cheapest of the three, but it lasts about five years. Ceramic and porcelain fillings can last about 10 years.

How Fillings Are Inserted

The cavity is cleaned out by using either a drill or laser. Fillings and other dental products need to be placed in clean cavities. The size of the filling is adjusted based on the size of the cavity, and it’s then placed. Ultraviolet light is used to harden the filling and make it stick properly.

Other Services

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