Dental Implants in Cheshire, CT

To avoid more damage after losing a tooth to an accident or after an extraction, it is important to replace it. While there are several options for replacing a tooth, most people want dental implants. However, do you know what an implant is and the commitment it takes to get one?

The Anatomy of a Dental Implant

The primary reason that people want dental implants is that they look and function like natural teeth. Even when they’re up close, other people cannot distinguish a natural tooth and an implant because of the implant’s design.

Dr. Renee Kurtz can show you that an implant comes in three pieces. First, there is a titanium screw that takes the plan of the root of the tooth. Then there is an abutment that connects the root with the tooth’s crown. Finally, the crown is a custom piece that fits on the abutment so that you have a complete tooth.

Committing to an Implant

Unlike other options for replacing a tooth, an implant doesn’t take place overnight or even within a few weeks. From start to finish, several months will pass before you can get an implant and then eat normally with it. The reason for the length of time is that the implant needs to be embedded into the jaw.

Evaluating the Bone

Dr. Renee Kurtz will need to evaluate the jawbone to make sure you’re a good candidate for getting dental implants. She will examine and measure the bone to ensure it can provide a good structure for implants.

There needs to be at least one millimeter of bone that will surround the implant after embedding it. That measurement increases to two millimeters if it’s next to another tooth. If two implants are going to be side to side, then three millimeters of bone need to be available for each implant.

If your bone isn’t dense or long enough, then a bone graft may need to take place, which can take up to six months. If you’re a patient person and want to continue the process of getting dental implants, discuss the procedure with Dr. Renee Kurtz in Cheshire, CT.

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