Restore Your Missing Teeth with Removable Dentures

Restore Your Missing Teeth with Removable Dentures

Mar 01, 2021

Although entirely preventable, tooth loss is a common issue affecting millions throughout the world. Tooth loss doesn’t just affect people’s smiles but also harms their nutrition, health, and social standing. Approximately 25 percent of people aged between 65 and 74 are affected by the problem of tooth loss.


Fortunately, many methods are available to restore lost teeth using fixed bridges and dental implants. However, these fixed restorations can strain your finances besides bringing upon you the need to undergo extensive procedures to replace the lost teeth. In such cases, the time-tested removable dentures near me become unaffordable and a viable option.


Adults who are affected by tooth loss can consider having fixed dentures vs. removable dentures depending on their personal preferences. However, before choosing an option, they must consider the pros and cons of removable partial dentures. Getting the information by themselves is challenging, and a visit to the dentist near me is essential to gather accurate data.


Why Must People Choose Removable Partial Dentures?


Looking for restoration options when affected by the problem of tooth loss is essential. Tooth loss affects people adversely in different ways. People losing teeth may start experiencing an impact on their self-esteem. They may feel ashamed interacting with others because they lack the self-confidence needed.


Tooth loss also results in changes in their appearance when bone resorption begins. The remaining teeth begin moving towards the blank space left by the missing teeth. The technology for creating removable dentures is easy, useful, and straightforward. However, the process of customizing the dentures is detailed and starts with a mold of the patient’s jaw ridges taken by lab technicians to customize a lifelike resin base ensuring the final dimensions will not interfere with the patient’s cheeks, jaw movement, and lips.


Whether the process is thorough or not, people must have the restorations if they want to prevent the many challenges confronting them after tooth loss.


What Can You Expect When You Choose Removable Partial Dentures


Getting removable partial dentures is not a challenging procedure. You can have partial dentures if you have lost a couple of teeth in your mouth or an entire arch of complete dentures if your tooth loss is significant. The procedure is painless and straightforward if you visit removable dentures in Cheshire, CT, where the dentist scrutinizes your oral health before taking an impression either traditionally or digitally. The images help lab technicians to customize your dental prosthetics.


You must make another visit to the dentist in Cheshire to assess whether the dentures are a good fit. Dentures require several adjustments before they begin feeling right. Initially, the removable prosthetics may feel strange in your mouth until you get accustomed to having them.


Why Must You Consider Removable Dentures?


You may think why you must consider removable dentures when alternatives like dental implants or bridges provide suitable replacements. However, as mentioned earlier, options are expensive and require extensive procedures before you can have them to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants require surgery, and bridges require grinding down of your adjacent teeth, compromising them in the long run.


When you favor removable dentures, you won’t have to worry about how much do removable dentures cost. Removable dentures are the most affordable tooth replacement options compared to dentures or bridges.


You don’t need to undergo any extensive procedures to have removable dentures because of their non-invasive nature. The only requirement is to provide impressions to your dentist and visit them several times during the fabrication process to confirm whether the removable prosthetic fits as you desire.


The time was when removable dentures were the only options available to replace missing teeth until other alternatives were introduced. While the options are excellent solutions for replacing missing teeth, they do have their downsides. Removable dentures continue to remain an appropriate non-invasive option for replacing teeth and one time-tested for over a century.


Removable dentures help to replace the teeth you lost affordably in a quick and straightforward process. You undoubtedly require some time to get accustomed to artificial prosthetics. However, after you overcome the initial challenges, you can enjoy the benefits of removable dentures just like people do with alternatives because the removable appliances are just as effective.

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