Invisalign VS OrthoFX

Invisalign vs OrthoFX

invi vs orthofx

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How Clear Aligners Achieve Straight Teeth

Clear aligners have become popular for teens and adults in the teeth straightening industry. Most clear aligners are made from some form of comfortable plastic and are removable. They fit your teeth without the use of brackets, rubber bands, and wires like traditional metal braces. Clear aligners are virtually invisible, and with their comfortable fit, they are perfect for adults and teens who want a straighter smile.

Invisalign is a very well-known type of clear aligner, but since modern oral health care is ever-changing, our dentist in Cheshire offers the latest clear aligner, called OrthoFX.

Here we will compare Invisalign and the newest clear aligner design called OrthoFX.

Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign is a very notable brand of clear aligners. They help treat mild dental conditions with a comfortable fit. The brand has been around since 1998, and by 2000 they were one of the most common types of clear aligners on the market for adults. The dentist simply uses a putty or 3D scan of your mouth to send to the lab to create your aligners and suggested treatment plan. You will change out your aligners every two weeks and schedule regular dentist check-ins to ensure you are on track.

OrthoFX Aligners

OrthoFX was founded by a team of specialists with big-name oral health companies and former Invisalign execs. The former head of global product management at Invisalign, the former general manager at Align Technology and Philips oral care, and the former director of research and development with Invisalign teamed up and founded OrthoFX.

They created OrthoFX to provide more accessible, affordable, high-quality treatment for anyone who needs teeth straightening. These aligners are made from FXTetra, the company’s proprietary polymer blend. There are many perks to this new blend for clear aligners compared to plastic versions like Invisalign. They also offer remote monitoring with a team of handpicked doctors.

Let’s Compare!


Invisalign can only be prescribed through a dentist provider. They have to do an impression of your teeth or a digital 3D scan of the teeth to send to the Invisalign lab to create clear aligners. After receiving your aligners, you will check in every six weeks with your dentist to ensure you are making progress.

OrthoFX can provide straighter teeth by a consultation on the OrthoFX website and by an in-office dentist provider. To begin your OrthoFX treatment, all you need is a 3D image of your teeth. They also provide check-ins through their app with smile selfies to check your progress and in-office doctor visits.

This technology allows patients to have 40% fewer visits to the dentist’s office. In addition, their AI technology provides doctor-delivered treatment, and they will be with you for the entire treatment at your convenience.

Treatment Time

For any aligners, you will want to wear them as often as possible for the treatment to work fast and properly. Invisalign treatment typically takes 12-18 months to complete.

OrthoFX has a similar treatment time. However, if used correctly, the time can be decreased by 50%. You also receive your OrthoFX aligners every week as opposed to every two weeks with Invisalign.


Invisalign uses a FastTrack plastic material for its clear aligners. This provides comfort, but more aligners might have to be shaved down to fit the gums comfortably. It is recommended you take them out while eating.

OrthoFX uses FXTetra, a multilayer polymer that provides even more comfort and a stronger fit for your teeth for faster treatment. These aligners are all stain-resistant, so you do not need to worry about restricting teeth-staining foods like your favorite coffee. In addition, these aligners are even more invisible to the naked eye than Invisalign.


Some insurance plans partially cover Invisalign. You should check with your insurance provider to see how much they will cover. Most dental quotes range from $3,000-$7,000, depending on the length of your treatment plan and the severity of your crooked teeth.

OrthoFX provides an upfront cost with no hidden fees, so you know what to expect from the beginning. The average cost for OrthoFX ranges from $3,000-$5,000, depending on the type of aligner you need. They offer financing options and payment plans to help make them more affordable. Insurance can likely cover some of the cost, as well. Their treatment plan also includes a retainer subscription for after-treatment of the aligners.

OrthoFX also offers a 3-year warranty that covers the following:

  • If you lose your aligners
  • Your teeth shift back after treatment
  • You lose your retainers

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