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What is a Frenectomy?

A frenectomy is a procedure done to release the frenum—the band of tissue that attaches the lips to the gums and the tongue to the lower part of your mouth. When this tissue is thick or tight and restricting the movement of the lips or tongue, it is known as a lip tie or tongue tie. A lip-tie or tongue-tie occurs at birth, and some people grow into adulthood with this condition. However, if left untreated, lip-ties and tongue-ties can cause several dental and oral health issues, especially in infants and children.

Frenectomy treatment is relatively simple, and with the help of laser dentistry, it is painless and fast recovery time. If you or your infant need a maxillary or lingual frenectomy to fix a tongue or lip-tie, contact the office of Dr. Kurtz in Cheshire.

Reasons Someone May Need a Frenectomy

Tongue and lip-ties are something some people are born with, and even though they may go unnoticed until adulthood, they are usually diagnosed in infants. If a mother is having issues breastfeeding, it may be because the child has a tongue-tie or lip-tie that restricts proper movement of the lips or tongue to allow them to feed properly. When this happens, the baby may not gain weight properly or get the nutrition they need. It is important to have this issue diagnosed by your pediatric doctor or dentist right away so they can begin treatment and release the frenum as soon as possible.

Here are some symptoms that indicate that a child or adult may have a lip or tongue-tie:

Symptoms of Tongue-Tie in Infants:

  • Difficulty moving the tongue side to side
  • Difficulty moving the tongue to the upper teeth
  • A tongue that appears notched or heart-shaped

Symptoms of Lip-Tie in Infants:

  • Difficulty moving the lips
  • Clicking or smacking noise while breastfeeding
  • Extreme gassiness, reflux, and irritability
  • Milk leaking from mouth while nursing

Symptoms of Tongue and Lip-Ties in Adults:

Adult patients may experience trouble eating or kissing. They may also have gaps in their permanent teeth, receding gums, misaligned teeth, and other oral issues contributing to their tongue or lip-tie.

Untreated Tongue-Tie and Lip-Ties

If tongue-ties and lip-ties are left untreated, they may result in several issues for the patient:

  • Breastfeeding problems: An infant with a tongue or lip-tie will have difficulty latching, leading to poor weight gain for the baby and pain for the mother.
  • Speech Issues: Children and adults with untreated ties may commonly have issues saying certain words due to the inability to make certain letter sounds.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene: Ties can make it difficult to eat and move food and debris away from the teeth. This can lead to tooth decay, gum disease, or gingivitis. A gap can also form in-between the teeth and cause the same issues with an untreated lip-tie.

What To Expect For a Frenectomy Procedure

At our dental office in Cheshire, Dr. Kurtz uses a unique technology called the Solea Dental Laser to perform a frenectomy procedure. This type of laser uses CO2 technology to vaporize the tissue without the use of anesthesia.

This laser technology allows the patient to be treated with the most gentle and healthy form of dentistry with less pain and recovery time. For example, a normal frenectomy for an infant can take 10-15 minutes to complete, but it is performed in just 30 to 60 seconds with the Solea laser. This laser provides faster treatment time, less discomfort, less bleeding, and is anesthetic-free. In addition, since this laser uses ablation to treat the tongue or lip tie, no recovery time is needed because it seals it on the spot. There are also minimal risks or complications involved when using the Solea laser.

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