Emergency Dentist in Cheshire, CT

If you or a family member have a dental emergency, contact our office in Cheshire, CT, as soon as possible at (203) 699-9705.

What To Do If You Have a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies look different for every patient, but you should contact your nearest emergency dental professional if you have an emergency. If you are in the Cheshire, CT area, the office of Dr. Renee Kurtz is here to assist you in your dental emergency needs.

We will advise you on relieving tooth pain or bleeding from a tooth injury while you are still at home. This may include using warm water to clean visible debris and blood from the area and then a cold compress to help relieve discomfort.

If you need immediate care, we will do our best to get you into a same-day appointment. Like a chipped tooth, some dental injuries will need attention but may not be as big an issue as a knocked-out tooth or multiple missing teeth. We will do our best to consider your dental pain and dental care needs and provide timely emergency care.

If you are experiencing immense pain or excessive bleeding that will not stop, your nearest emergency room will be your best option.

Emergency Dental Services

Our dental office has the best emergency dentist Cheshire has to offer!

Here are some of the emergency dental services we provide to our patients in Cheshire:

  • Treatment for toothache due to cavities chipped teeth or underlying infection of the gums
  • Extractions, such as a tooth that has been knocked out or broken from trauma
  • Correction of damage to restorations such as crowns, implants, fillings, or bridges
  • Emergency root canals.
  • Treatment for oral abscess of the mouth or gum

No matter what procedures you may need to help your dental problems, our dental office is here to help. We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, and your time is important to us. We always provide our patients with a welcoming environment and understand that accidents can happen. If you require immediate attention for a dental issue, call our dentist immediately to schedule an appointment for emergency treatment.

Prevent Dental Health Emergencies

One of the best ways to help prevent dental emergencies is to stay current on regular dentist visits with us in Cheshire. This not only helps ensure your teeth restorations or dental health are in good shape but can also ensure your overall health.

If you have restorations or recently underwent a procedure, it is essential to be aware of any changes or pain. If you are experiencing anything outside of the typical post-operation symptoms, make sure you contact the dentist right away. If you have damaged a restoration, it is also important that you come in for a visit to have it fixed right away.

We will do our best to accommodate every patient, and Dr. Kurtz is prepared to fix any dental issue you may have. We understand that accidents happen, and we are here to help treat you with your convenience in mind. Contact us by phone as soon as possible if you have an emergency: (203) 699-9705.

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