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Comprehensive Dental Care for Cheshire, CT Residents

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At the dental office of Dr. Renee Kurtz in Cheshire, CT, we offer comprehensive dental services to the residents in our community. We strive to provide dental treatments that are personalized and affordable. We want you to feel confident when you visit our office, knowing that you will be treated with respect at all times by dentists who genuinely care about your dental health. In addition, we provide a welcoming environment for all current and new patients who visit us in Cheshire, CT.

Dental Services in Cheshire, CT

Everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile that they will love for a lifetime. With advanced technology and a wide range of services, we can provide our patients with the highest quality care with convenience. No matter what your dental care needs may be, our Cheshire, CT dentist has expertise in many dental procedures. Here are some of the services we can provide for you and your family in Cheshire, CT.

General Dentistry

Visiting the dentist every six months is essential for dental health. Brushing and flossing are important, but there are always spots where you cannot reach them. Come in for routine professional cleaning and a dental exam and X-rays to prevent dental health issues.

If our dentist finds that you need further treatment, we will discuss options with you at your appointment. We want our patients to feel comfortable and make educated decisions about their dental health.

Healthy Dentistry

Supragingival Minimally Invasive dentistry is the practice of a healthier, less invasive approach to dental procedures. For years, dentists have used the same techniques for applying crowns, which can cause even more damage to the gum line and cause gum disease. Instead, we use modern and less invasive procedures with help from technology to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible with Healthy dentistry.

Emergency Procedures

Accidents happen! If you or a family member experience dental trauma from an accident or sports injury, our team is here to help. For any dental emergencies that you may have, contact our office right away at (203) 699-9705. We will do our best to get you into the first appointment available.

Cosmetic Dental Service

Is your smile in need of a little extra TLC? We provide treatments to transform your smile into one you will love again. Whether you need veneers to cover minor imperfections, teeth whitening for a brighter, whiter smile, dental bonding, or crowns to help protect your damaged teeth and make them more functional again, our professional team can help.

Damaged teeth can lead to other dental issues and leave you feeling less confident. Our dentist will put together a treatment plan—even if you need more than one procedure—to help create the perfect smile for you or your family member and give you your confidence back.

Restorative Treatments

Missing teeth are not only an inconvenience or eyesore for you but can also lead to many other dental issues. We want you to have the best dental health possible, and this includes fixing those missing teeth that may be troubling you. We can offer dental implants, crowns, bridges, and removable dentures to offer you more natural support and restore your smile.

Dental Implants

Our team can do dental implants for one missing tooth or multiple teeth. Our dentist will examine your jawbone and gums to ensure they are healthy enough to endure a dental implant and if it will be the best option for you. It is a relatively simple procedure and requires minor surgery for implant placement. Still, after the placement is done, you will feel more confident with replacing those missing teeth.

Clear Aligners

Crooked teeth or alignment issues can leave you feeling self-conscious in public. At our dental practice, we offer OthroFX treatment to straighten your teeth. Our dentist will perform a 3D scan of your teeth and discuss what the treatment plan will look like with you.

Clean aligners offer an efficient way to straighten teeth for teens and adults. They are virtually transparent and provide more convenience since they are removable. For more information, visit our office today for a consultation with Dr. Kurtz.

Sleep Treatments

If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, Dr. Kurtz is here to help. The way you sleep can affect your oral health, especially if you sleep with your mouth open. Dr. Kurtz specializes in Solea Dental Laser technology, and this tool can help eliminate your snoring issues in a painless, non-invasive way.

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