Chocolate And Your Teeth

UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES, dentists are not fans of candy. The sugar in candy is the favorite food of bacteria that cause tooth decay. However, when it comes to chocolate, certain types may [...]

Photo Op: Types Of Dental X-Rays

EVERYONE WHO’S BEEN TO THE DENTIST is familiar with X-rays. You put on the lead apron, you’re given a rectangular contraption and told “put this between your teeth and bite down,” and then you [...]

Can humans regrow teeth?

Happy Friday to all!  We hadn’t posted in a while, so we wanted to share this fun video on this dreary Friday! EVER WONDER WHY humans can’t regrow adult teeth even though sharks and [...]

Teething baby?

Happy Monday everyone! We often get questions from new parents on teething babies and what to expect with babies teeth! Here is a quick video we think will help answer some of these questions. [...]

iTero Dental Scanning Technology

In the past, you may have experienced a dental treatment that required the dentist to take an impression of your teeth, a slow, messy process. The iTero digital scanner not only eliminates that [...]