Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

Feb 27, 2020

Kids are not the healthiest eaters, especially when they are being spoiled by their grandparents. Unfortunately, they’re not always the best at brushing and flossing their teeth either. However, they can get help in the fight against cavities in the form of dental sealants. Here are some of the benefits of dental sealants for your child.

Dental Sealants Can Go on Teeth at a Young Age

Dr. Renee Kurtz DMD can brush a sealant on your child’s back teeth as soon as five years old. The first permanent molars erupt between the ages of five and seven, and sealants can safely protect a child’s teeth at that age. The second permanent set of molars erupt between the ages of nine and 12 and can be sealed then by Dr. Kurtz in Cheshire, CT.

The Process of Sealing Teeth is Painless

Dental sealants are a resin solution that gets brushed on teeth as a liquid and then dried and hardened by ultraviolet light. The composite resin dries on as a plastic-like seal to protect the chewing surfaces of teeth from retaining bacteria and to prevent food particles from getting stuck in them.

Repairing a Sealant is Easy

Although studies show that sealants can last up to 10 years, they can wear our or get holes in them when eating or brushing teeth. Dr. Kurtz can easily repair a sealant by brushing more of the solution over any holes or tears in it. The repair is quick and painless, so the sealant will continue to protect your children’s teeth.

Sealants Keep Teeth Strong

Your children’s teeth are protected from cavity-causing plaque and tartar while the sealant is intact. Also, sealants release fluoride over their teeth, keeping them healthy and strong throughout the life of the sealant.

Dental Sealants Protect Vulnerable Teeth

Newly erupted teeth are not as resistant to tooth decay as adult teeth, so dental sealants protect kids’ teeth as they develop. Dr. Kurtz carefully applies sealants, so the chewing surfaces of teeth do not develop dental decay.

If you want to protect your kids’ teeth from plaque, tartar, and decay, contact us today.

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